CARAVAN#17 - living the adventure

Johanna grew up in Wolfenbüttel with her 3 brothers. She finished her final school exams in 2023 and is excited for a gap year after school. In her freetime she enjoys doing sports and making arts and crafts.She likes meeting up with her friends and go to museums to sketch or dosome urban sketchung while discovering new cities. She is looking forward to travel to a new country and learn about its culture, the religions living together and study a new language.

Franz is 18 years old and lives with his family near Munich. He grew up together with two older brothers and a younger sister. He graduated from high school in the summer of 2023. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, including soccer and tennis, and hanging out with friends. Many of his family members are active with the Order of Malta, which is how Franz learned about the Caravane and eventually wanted to join. He is looking forward to providing social aid in Lebanon, learning about the historical and cultural background of the region, and gaining new experiences. 

Anton Lauffs is 18 years old and lives in Icking (near Munich) with two younger siblings. He loves to do sports (basketball, tennis, skiing), to cook and to generally spend as much time with friends as possible. Travelling is one of his other great passions. Moreover, he’s interested in politics, international relations and other countries and cultures. Ever since his first participation in a camp in Chabrouh in 2018 he wanted to join Caravan. Anton and his family have come back to Lebanon with the Order of Malta regularly since then. Now, after he has finished school with the Abitur, he is looking forward to taking on this new challenge. He’s very excited about experiencing Lebanon and its people from a new perspective with the other Caravan members.

This is Johannes, he is 19 years old and lives with his mother and his father and his two brothers in Meerbusch, a small city in Germany next to Düsseldorf. In his free time, he loves to play wheelchair basketball and to go swimming. This summer he finished his last year of school and wanted to join caravan. He wanted to be part of caravan, because he visited Lebanon at the age of 11 in 2015 and loved to work together with people with disabilities. For him, the best thing about working together with differently abled people, is the positive energy they express, even though they experienced so much pain. This is a true sign of strength and shows that every live is lifeworthy. Johannes is looking forward to living in a community and to self-development which he will experience during this beautiful time in Lebanon. 

Hello, this is Jakobus. He is 20 years old and has four siblings, one older and one younger brother and two younger sisters. He lives in Bad Salzuflen which is a little cow kaff near Bielefeld. He is very very good at wakeboarding and ice skating. After caravan he wants to study special pedagogics. He thinks that the Caravan and Lebanon is great.

This is Johanna, she is 18 years old and lives in Münster with her parents and her little sister.

Johanna graduated from school this year. In her free time, she enjoys playing the violin, dancing ballet, fencing, sailing and she is involved in social projects. She is looking forward to joining caravan, living in a community, working together with differently abled people and to discover a new culture.

This is Franz. He was born in Munich in 2004, but Düsseldorf has become his home after moving there as a child with his parents and three younger siblings. Aside from being a student, Franz pursues many other interests such as tennis, playing the oboe, singing and being out in nature. His faith in God has always been an important guideline in his life. He has also taken great pleasure in working for the youth group of his local church, organising events, summer camps and more for children. Franz always loved getting to know new places, new people and their cultures. When he was 14 years old, he went to a boarding school in New Zealand for a year, which was a very valuable experience to him. Now, after graduating in summer 2023, he is looking forward to immersing himself in Lebanon and getting the most out of the caravan project

This is Marta. She is 18 years old. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading books, singing in the choir and visiting museums. Mostly she is excited about getting to know a new culture and learning to work with differently abled people.

David is an 18-year-old from Bonn with a love for music, especially the saxophone. He enjoys producing his own music and jamming with others in his spare time. David has a passion for exploring new places, traveling around a lot, and always savouring a good cup of coffee at cozy cafes. Having participated in different programs, groups, and trips organised by a local youth club has been another important aspect of his life over the past few years. Besides this, he cherishes spending time with friends and family and enjoys building meaningful relationships.  As he is eager to learn and grow as a person, David is now excited about the upcoming year with the Caravan Projekt and all the country has to offer.

Niccolo is one of 5 brothers and lives in Chemnitz, where he finished school in 2023.At home, he loved living together with many people in his family and now he is looking forward to sharing the everyday life with the Caravan in Lebanon. In his free time,Niccolo likes to do sports, like soccer, riding his bike or dancing and also, to make music by playing his flute. In other projects, he has already gained experience and joy in caring for others together with friends. Niccolo is very much looking forward to all the new experiences that are waiting for him in his time.


Management team

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The CARAVAN Project is a joint project between the German and Lebanese Associations of the Order of Malta. They are represented by a Steering Committee which includes representatives from both Associations. It has four seats.

The Steering Committee meets at least three times a year to monitor processes and discuss strategic matters and ideas and follows the wellbeing of the team closely.

Chairman of the Steering Committee. Nominated by the Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta.

LElia El Khazen

Nominated by the German Association of the Order of Malta

Johanna Heereman

Nominated by the Lebanese Association, representing the Order of Malta Volunteers in Lebanon

YoumNa Assaf

Nominated by the Community of the Young Maltese in Germany (Gemeinschaft junger Malteser)

Antonie Borggreve

Project Management

The CARAVAN Project Management is responsible for all operative matters regarding the project. The Project Management is in the hands of the CARAVAN Coordinator Lebanon and the CARAVAN Coordinator Germany.

Maya-Maria Torbey is the current CARAVAN Coordinator Lebanon: she manages the program and the local operational business of the CARAVAN team.

Maya Maria Torbey

Antonia Kerssenbrock is the current CARAVAN Coordinator Germany: she manages the applications for CARAVAN and other administrational business.

Antonia Kerssenbrock


Caravan Alumni

CarAvan 0nce. Caravanista 4 life

The CARAVAN Alumni is a worldwide circle of former participants of the Project. Since its beginning in 2009, over 150 people have already served in the CARAVAN Project.

Alena-Solveigh Widder, Adelheid Soden, Larissa Kempinski, Assunta Erffa, Marianne Tann, Marie Schoenau, Konrad Soden

Alberto O’naghten, Caroline Lasson, Gonzague D’Harambure, Julia Bimbler, Marie-Liane de Beauregard, Pedro Corcuera, Stephane de Weck, Stephanie Guilhou, Tabea Ebel, Victoria Arnould

Ann-Sophie Bülow, Antonius Aulock, Cecily Bernstorff, Elisalex Clary, Eoin O’connor, Mareike Jonczyk, Nicholas Wingfield Digby, Simon Riners

Friedrich Westerholt, Katharina Hoffmann, Sophie Koskul, Theresa Alten

Amelie Aulock, Caroline van Weede, Daniel Kemmler, Johanna El Houeiss, Leticia Blakiston Houston, Lucas Martinez, Mafalda Rosty-Forgach, Maximilian Schober, Moritz Hantelmann, Suzanne Dillon

Aglae Kinsky, Benedicta Solf, Callum Shaw, Charlotte de Kervenoael, Georgina Plesser, Jakob AUer, Julius Stauffenberg, Paul Bechtoldsheim, Maxime de Hennin

Alfons Rosty-Forgach, Alice Blumencron, Constantin Biessel, Dorothee Kessel, Felix Blumenthal, Franz Strachwitz, Marie Brauchitsch, Matthias Beverfoerde, Paul Aretin, Paul Knipper, Pauljo Loe, Titiana Pachter

Clemence Noirot-Cosson, Helena Elverfeldt, Hugh O`Connor, Ida Lobkowicz, Johannes Wrede, Konstantin Wagner, Laura Wehling, Ludmilla Carolath, Magdalena Kessel, Maja Graf, Nicholas Limbourg


Alessa Strasoldo, Anastasia Decken, Antoine Bouqueau, Berenike Spankeren, Blanche Thomas, Emanuel Aulock, Heinrich Solf, Henriette Steifensand, Jakob La Rosee, Loretta Jobe, Victor Rosty-Forgach

Alix de la Ferte Senectere, Benita Uckert, Irene Cibiriain, Isabella Kirschenhofer, Luis Cunningham, Luise Groeger, Maja Hofmann, Marcus Wrede, Maria Waldorf, Octavie Droste, Victoria Kaehne

Aloys Lobkowicz, Antoine Bretau, Camilla Wetsphalen, Elisabeth Eloy, Felix Male, Helena Brauchitsch, Helene Westerholt, Ines Garcia Lascurain Bernstorff, Margareta, Marguerite Alting von Geusau, Philipp Wedel, Sofia Zell, Sofia Waldorf

Angelo Hoffmann, Antonie Borggreve, Aurelia Janari, Benedikt Jung, Charlotte van Ackeren, Eleonore Wrede, Emmanuel Walter, Felicitas Kessel, Henriette Pfeil, Josefa Schweinsberg, Caroline Kersten, Leon Arends, Leopoldina Waldburg-Zeil, Therese van Rijckevorse, Wilhelm Hammerstein

Anton von Jagow, Benedikt Suermondt, Berenike Wiesmann, Gregoire Merckelbach, Madeleine Strachwitz, Elisabeth Aulock

Charlotte Roenne, Eleni Striefler, Hannah Börner , Jacob Solf, Joris Deggerich, Leonhard Heereman, Lucia Borggreve, Ludwig Kramer, Nikolaus Brühl

Amelie, Antonia, Gautier, Glenys, Helene, Johannes, Karl Immanuel, Livia, Philipp, Pia, Sophie

The experience that all participants of CARAVAN share, last a lifetime: therefore, as Alumni you have the possibility to:

  • Share your testimony and become a CARAVAN Ambassador to promote the project.
  • Reunite with the alumni and take part in the CARAVAN alumni camp to relive the experience of serving people with disabilities in Lebanon.
  • Become part of the „Buddy Program“ to support a current CARAVAN volunteer.
  • Get involved in the fundraising activities or sponsor a future CARAVAN volunteer.
  • Get updated by receiving the CARAVAN Newsletter.


The Activities of the Alumni are coordinated through the Alumni Board: a group of six Alumni from different CARAVAN teams. The Alumni board aims to offer a platform and support the different activities of the Alumni.
If you as an Alumni want to involve yourself more in our activities, please contact the Alumni Board via caravanalumnicircle@gmail.com.


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Phone: +49  176 22876098