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Application Process

March – May

You can apply now.
The first interviews will take place in April.
Short-listed candidates will be invited to a two-round interview, first with the representatives of the German Association, second with the Lebanese one. There is space for 10 participants in the CARAVAN Team.


May – July

Logistics preparation
(visa application, vaccinations… etc.)


The current Caravan left Lebanon last October due to the political events. After consultation with the Lebanese Order of Malta and our Security Council, the group will return to Beirut in March to devote itself to our friends there.

The same applies to the upcoming Caravan: if the situation in Lebanon is not stable enough to continue the service there, we willl offer an alternative program (e.g. in Romania). However, our main focus will always remain Lebanon.

Interview Process

Once you have submitted your application and are accepted to be interviewed you will join a four step Process. Our goal is to help you make up your mind if joining the CARAVAN Project is the right answer to your expectations and current circumstances.

  • The first interview will take place in Germany, ideally, in-person.
  • As we believe that taking care of others and taking care of yourself go hand-in-hand, you will be having a confidential one-to-one with a psychologist who will help you discern if this opportunity is right for you.
  • Since your parents or legal guardian will be sponsoring you financially, we will have a phone call with them to double-check that they agree to the program.
  • The second and last interview will take place remotely with the Order of Malta in Lebanon.

If at any stage, we/you can see that participation is not possible you will not be admitted to the next step in the process. If you complete the process, we will get back to you within 5 days.
We will not be able to take in anyone without the full interview process. The last interviews will be offered in May if there is still space in the team. Joining after the start of the program (Preparation time in Germany) is not possible.

Requirements To JOin Caravan

  • Age: 18 – 23 years
  • Completed high school or comparable education
  • Commitment to the full length of the project (10 months)
  • Ability to pay for the monthly fee of 750€/month (You can apply of a reduction of the monthly fee)
  • Enthusiastic to work with people with disabilities/ to do social work
  • Openness to embrace a new culture
  • Openness and ability to live and work in a team
  • Interest and commitment to take part in all the pillars of the program: serve, pray, grow, together.
  • Excellent or good English skills
  • Sufficient mental and physical health to join all parts of the program
  • Strong communication skills, respect for others, flexibility, and openness to take criticism
  • Willingness to sign and adhere to the Rules & regulations . You can find the document on the Program Page.
  • Any international young adult meeting the stated requirements is welcome to join the program, exept for those already living in Lebanon.

Application Form

We are thrilled that you are interested in the CARAVAN Project. If you read all information and requirements and conclude you wish to join the CARAVAN, please fill out the application form below and upload the following documents

  • Photograph of yourself
  • 2 Personal References (one from your friends/parents/direct family and one from other adults who know you well e.g teacher, priest, etc.)

Once we have received your submission, we will send you further information concerning your application and the interviews.

1Personal Information
3Further Questions
(if dual, please specify)

Contact Details

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